Starting a new home improvement project?

A good hardware store can help you finish your project with all the best supplies. And a well-qualified store staff can provide recommendations for tools, methods, and products.

Reliable customer service is one of the factors that will help you choose between a local hardware store and a big-box retailer.

Ask the staff at each store for their input on the best way to complete the task you have in mind, then, remember which provided you the most help.

We’ve created a homeowner’s guide: How to choose a hardware store for your home renovations, below.

#1. High-Quality Products

During your store visits, look at various departments.

Determine which store has the best and highest-quality tools you might need.

Consider the additional services available, such as equipment rentals, classes, and referrals to area professionals.

After all, if you can’t handle a complex project, they might be able to point you in the direction of someone who can help.

#2. Pricing

Pricing is key.

A store with the lowest prices isn’t necessarily the best.

On the other hand, if you know a lot about lumber and are interested in purchasing fencing for your backyard, the cheapest store might be best, while purchasing higher-quality, more expensive lumber for a fine piece of furniture, may be best.

Always consider quality as well as price.

#3. Great Customer Service

Acquiring what you need without hassle and frustration can mean the difference between a great job well done, and giving up on it due to too many challenges.

Hardware and home improvement stores worth frequenting will:

  • Welcome you warmly
  • Provide sufficient friendly, knowledgeable and helpful employees to assist you when, and how, you need it
  • Have short checkout lines
  • Have products in-stock, or easily and quickly accessible
  • Maintain a clean and inviting store
  • Allow reasonable returns without shaming you for doing so

#4. Convenience

Things like hours of operation, driving distance and parking are all factors that will figure into your decision.

If it takes a lot of effort to make a purchase, you should find another store.


How to choose a hardware store will be of high importance, because when you find it, they will have what you need when you need it. They will stock tools and sell them at a reasonable price.

A knowledgeable and friendly staff will have answers if you need them. When you find that store, you can complete your projects with confidence and feel less stressed when it comes time to take on projects.

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