Cinder Blocks and Pavers in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming

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Types of Cinder Block We Carry

Standard Block

Chimney Block

Fencing Block

Specialty Block

Why Use Cinder Block/Pavers?

Blocks are used extensively for both loadbearing and non-loadbearing walls, externally and internally. Blocks are uniform in color and texture and generally true uniform construction. A concrete block wall can be laid in less time and may cost up to half as much as a similar brick wall. Lightweight aggregate concrete blocks have good insulating properties against transfer of heat and cold.
Concrete blocks are manufactured from cement and either dense or lightweight aggregates as solid, cellular, or hollow block. The thicker block are made cavities or holes to reduce weights and drying shrinkage.

Available Block Colors

Harrington & Company
Richfield Block

Richfield Block, located in Richfield, UT has been serving Richfield and surrounding areas for over 70 years, for cinder block pavers in Utah.

Combining Harrington & Company and Richfield Block’s experience and inventory, makes us Utah’s best and most economical source for builders and homeowners.



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Want to learn more about Cinder Block/Pavers?

Check out the article below to learn about our cinder block pavers, and how we produce them.

As a roofing, fencing, or siding contractor, you’re in constant need of cinder blocks. You and your customers use cinder blocks for retaining walls, as pavers, or for raised gardens.

At Harrington & Company, we carry a vast supply of cinder blocks for all your needs. From our locations in Salt Lake City, UT and elsewhere, we deliver to contractors throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Cinder Block Purchase and Delivery

Whether you need ten cinder blocks or two hundred, we can meet your needs. We have an enormous inventory of cinder blocks with two cores. The two cores lower the weight of the cinder blocks and improve their insulation against the elements.

Because we order in bulk, we are able to keep our cinder block prices low. Whether you live in Idaho Falls, Idaho or Salt Lake City, UT, you can save money by ordering from us.

We don’t just sell cinder blocks, but we also deliver them. With our four locations in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, a local fleet of delivery trucks is always ready to bring your supplies directly to you. While most of our customers are contractors, we also deliver cinder blocks to wholesalers and even everyday homeowners.

Harrington & Company

Since 1968, our family-friendly company has served families and businesses in Salt Lake City, UT and beyond. Along with cinder blocks, we also offer fencing, siding, and garden supplies.

When you work with Harrington & Company, you are more than just a number. We know our customers well and look forward to meeting all your needs. Our goal is to offer reliable service, high-quality materials, and affordable prices.

When you stock up on home and garden supplies, make sure you have enough cinder blocks. If you need to order any, call us today at (801) 972-3131.