Professional Roofing Supplies in Salt Lake City, UT

Harrington & Company proudly distributes only the finest roofing supplies in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas.

Use Our Roofing Products to Build the Best Roof

We offer a wide selection of reliable products to meet your needs. Trust our materials as you efficiently complete each roof. We guarantee our products will result in long-lasting, strong structures you can be proud of.

Have All the Tools You Need With Our Roofing Supplies

Even if you have the right products to build a roof, you still need durable roofing supplies.These tools make it possible for you to safely and effectively install the products onto the roof. With the proper supplies, the installation process becomes easier so you save time.

As a homeowner or roofing contractor, you know how important a roof is to a home. The roof protects a home’s residents and interior from the elements. It also provides a feeling of safety. With these materials, you can forge a roof that will impress your customers.

Roofing Products

You can view our selection, as well as the quality brands we offer, in the list below.


Roofing Products
ACH FOAM TECHNOLOGIES Expanded polystyrene
American Building Products Metal Roofing Panels
ARROW ENTERPRISES Kwikseal roofing adhesive
ATLAS ROOFING Roofing, shingles, sheathing, R-Board, Iso board insulation
CERTAINTEED Fiberglass shingles, accessories
DIBITEN USA Modified Bitumen roofing
DURAFLO Plastic Vents
ETERNA BOND Roof repair tape
FABRAL Corrugated steel roofing, Custom roofing & siding, “Multi-purpose” steel roofing
FALL CREEK FOREST Cedar shakes and shingles
FIRESTONE BLDG Composite board, styrene board, taper systems
FRENCH CREEK Fall Arrest Equipment
GAF ROOFING Residential fiberglass roofing & accessories
GLASTEEL Corrugated fiberglass roofing
HUNTER PANELS Polyiso insulation
INLAND COATINGS Commercial roofing
INOVATE MANUFACTURING High profile ridge cap
National Nail Roofing and House Wrap Fastening Systems
NEOGUARD Construction coatings
PAPER BOYS INC. Red rosin paper
PERMAGLASS Asphalt saturated glass & cotton fabric
SYSTEM COMPONENTS (FELTEX) Synthetic underlayment
TAMKO ROOFING Residential & Comm. Roof products, coatings
TAMKO BUILDING PRODUCTS Low & steep slope products
VERSICO EPDM & TPO, PVC roofing products
WR GRACE Premium ice & water underlayment materials

Roofing Equipment 

You can view the equipment lines we carry in the list below.


Roofing Equipment
AMERICAN ASSOCIATED Roof mops & rollers
CLEASBY Roofing equipment
Eagle Roofing Products Roofing Tile
EVERHARD Membrane tools & rollers
MODI-SYSTEMS (MAGNUM) Roof torches, weed burner
QUALCRAFT Pump jacks & accessories
ROOFMASTER Roofing equipment
UTAH LP GAS Bulk propane refill
Our wide selection makes it easy for you to find the perfect roofing supplies in Salt Lake City, UT to meet your specific needs. You also don’t need to worry about transporting your roofing supplies.

Our team members at our locations in Salt Lake City, UT; Hyrum, UT; Sigurd, UT; Idaho Falls, ID; and Rock Springs, WY will pick up and deliver your order right to your home or job site.

To order materials or supplies, call us at (801) 972-3131. You can also stop by any of our locations to browse our inventory firsthand.