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Eric Sorenson | Integrity Roofing

Scott & Brandi | Eagle Peak Exteriors

Bob Brady | Copper Canyon Builders

My husband and I were doing some remodeling to our house and were referred to Harrington & Company. We went to their Salt Lake location and found exactly what we needed and were treated with the best service.
McKell Davis| Customer

Had fun shopping for roofing shingles today. Turns out I wanted a color that is seldomly used. Rod took good care of me and sent me home with a sample, just to ease my mind and help me solidify my choice. They were eager and quick to help me. It’s too bad I only need a new roof every 20-30 years.
Nancy Archibald | Customer

A family owned business, with a very knowledgeable staff. It’s a one stop shop. From roofing materials, vinyl fences and siding to a brand new Paint Center which carries the Dunn Edwards paint brand and many wood stains. The above ground blick designs are amazing. I will be coming back again.
Azuzena Lopez | Customer

On top of good prices, they have excellent customer service. They have rescued me twice with delivery. Highly recommend.
Mike Johns | Customer

I needed an adjustment bolt for my vinyl fence that was installed last year as it had frozen or had cross threaded. First I knew you would not have it in stock, and it would need to be ordered and would probably cost way more than it should.

To my surprise, after explaining what I need, a very nice man left for a minute and came back and asked if the bolt in his hand was what I needed and I said yes and he then asked what color and I said white. He left again and was back in just a moment with just what I needed in white and much to my surprise he said I could just “have it”. I was so shocked I questioned him that he was just giving it to me and he said yes it came off a salvaged door. It looked brand new to me and I ask if he was sure and he said yes. I left not believing what had just happened.

In today’s world I am just shocked that there is a company that gives this kind of service. I just had to let you know that your company really made my day and I will let others know also – I’ll not tell them that you just give parts away for free, because I know you can not afford to do that and I nor anyone else should expect it. If all your employees are as nice as he was, you must have a great company.

Thanks again for a great experience.

Jim Benton | Customer

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