Yard and Garden

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Fertilizers & Garden Chemicals

Hose End Fittings & Sprinklers

Garden Hose & Accessories

Yard & Garden

We can help you with all of your Yard & Gard needs. Browse our inventory and brands below.

AMES TRUE TEMPER Snow tools, specialty shovels, Pony irrigation shovels
BLACK FLAG Wasp & bug sprays, hornet traps
BULLY TOOLS Made in U.S.A Shovels, rakes, hoes, garden tools, snow tools
CENTURION Tank sprayers, hose end nozzles, pruning, gardening tools
CHAPIN Residential & commercial tank sprayers
GARANT Snow shovels & pushers
GENOVA  PVC & Poly pipe & fittings
IDEAL/TRIDON Hose clamps
LINK Replacement handles 
MORGRO Fertilizers, garden chemicals
NELSON/GILMORE CO. Hose end sprinklers & accessories
OKLAHOMA STEEL & WIRE Steel post driver
RUBBERMAID Coolers & ice chests
SEYMOUR/STRUCTRON Lawn & garden tools, replacement handles, wheel goods, snow shovels
SWAN/ELEMENT HOSE Garden hose & hose end fittings
THRIFTY Hose end fittings & sprinklers
VP FULES Premixed Fuel, Oils, Additives, Gas Cans
WARWOOD TOOL Stone sledge


To order or purchase yard and garden supplies, call us at (801) 972-3131. You can also stop by any of our locations to browse our inventory stock.