Are you considering a home face-lift?

If yes, here’s a few things to know about advantages and disadvantages of the most common siding materials and how you can replace your siding.

Reasons to Replace Exterior Siding

There are two reasons why you should update or change your siding.

#1. You can either do it to avoid the deterioration or damage that has been caused to the siding.

#2. If you just wish to alter the look of your home.

Experts reveal that majority of homeowners who have lived in their homes for about 30 years, notice that the siding has been damaged due to infiltration of water.

Exterior siding, is always exposed to natural and weather elements and hence it is not going to last forever. The siding can fade due to sunshine, be damaged due to the consequences of a storm or your teenager could have even rammed the exterior part of your home.

Should you or shouldn’t you patch it?

If you find your siding to be damaged in just a single spot, you will most likely replace that specific area of siding. However, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many companies who don’t do patchwork since it can become a liability for the contractor.

It is tough to match the siding since it has already faded and new siding options might be unavailable. There are few contractors who leave out details regarding the name of the siding product and its model number to the homeowner. *Make sure to get these details. 

Many professionals advise that if you have already caused damage to your exterior siding but it isn’t causing water damage or leaks, that you may want to wait until you replace the entire siding of your home.

Few of the common materials

There are many sorts of materials which can be used for siding but you have to know about them and how each of them are special.

  • Vinyl: This comes in the form of plastic and you get lots of textures and colors. This is the most affordable options for insulation.
  • Composite board: This is a product which comprises of recycled pulp of wood which are pressed with adhesives and glues. This too comes in any color that you may want.
  • Fiber cement: Mostly, this is made up of silica, recycled cardboard and Portland cement. It is fire and hail resistant but it can take enough time to install.
  • Cedar or real wood: This can be a real deal as cedar can look extremely beautiful and it is also easy to replace.

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