Window Trends in the building market for 2018 show homeowners blare choosing modern, contemporary styling with “clean lines, simple shapes, dark colors, and lots of glass” according to

#1. Contemporary, sharp-lined, rectangles

Have replaced more dated arched, or rounded windows, the bigger the better, with strong edges and defined classic styling.

#2. Dark colors

Black, in particular, are favorites this year in window colors, providing dramatic contrasts against popular, white exterior finishes, and really pop against mixed color masonry.

#3. Homeowners are adding LOTS of glass

For a lot of natural light and big views. Bi-fold, pass-through and glass wall windows, that have been financial “out of reach” for average homeowners in the past, are more readily available and more affordable today.

#4. Quality is most in demand.

Today’s homeowners see the benefits of spending a bit more up-front, on high quality, beautiful windows, to achieve the dramatic. They achieve the dramatic, rich look they desire and offer saving in fuel costs, due to their high efficiency.

#5. Vinyl windows are most popular, but the face of wood windows is changing!

Homeowners are more often drawn to use wood windows constructed with higher quality woods (rather than just pine) such as white oak and mahogany with finer grain beauty and richness that only the higher quality woods can provide.

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