Is there a solution for old rotten wooden windows?

Moisture is the biggest enemy of traditional windows that are constructed of wood.

It’s true that wooden windows add charm to your home… the problem with wood windows is that they need proper maintenance and lots of upkeep.

When moisture gets trapped, your wooden windows might deteriorate.

Rot is certainly an incessant enemy for homeowners with wooden windows.

What solutions are there to help fix old wooden windows? Read on to know more.

#1. Add Fiberglass Frame to a Wooden Window

If you can add a fiberglass frame through the entire wooden window (they are called replacement windows), they can offer a viable alternative to only wood-clad windows and other products for patio doors.

By adding this fiberglass frame, homeowners can be blessed with either little or no maintenance on the outside portion of the windows since fiberglass naturally resists cold, water and heat.

The exterior finish is powder-coated and due to that it won’t peel off, crack, bend or even stick due to contraction or expansion. This quality contributes to its long-lasting performance.

#2. DIY Guide to Repairing Old Rotten Wooden Windows

Nevertheless, despite using an alternative option, you should know how you can repair a wooden frame way before the rot spreads to the entire frame.

Here are few steps:

  • Determine the extent of the damage caused

Before even you decide the repair the frame of the wooden window, ensure it is repaired in the first place.

You have to check that the rot hasn’t infected enough of the frame, in case the wood is damaged more than 10%, the best thing to do is replace it totally.

On the other hand, rotten areas can be repaired with proxy products.

  • Remove materials which are rotted

In order to move parts of the windows which are rotten, take a flathead screwdriver and chisel and groove it so that the healthy parts are revealed.

Utilize a brush to scrub off the surfaces later on and clean off the debris.

  • Drill holes

Use a machine to drill into the healthy wooden portion and space the holes about an inch from each other. This will make sure that the fillers have a tight hold on the wood.

After this, ensure cleaning the frame to eliminate all dust and debris before moving on to the next few steps.

  • Apply epoxy wood consolidant

Next, you have to prepare the consolidant as per the instructions of the manufacturer and apply on the affected portion.

Be sure that the holes are all filled in.

Give some time to the wood to absorb the epoxy and again add a second coat. When this thin layer dries, it makes sure the wood is strengthened before the application of the filler.

  • Repaint the window frame which you worked on

If you want to prevent the window from rotting again, you have to add a new coat of paint.

Exterior paint ensures the wood stays healthy and protected as interior paint can’t withstand the odds of weather like sun and moisture and it will start cracking again.

Make sure you add a good quality exterior paint to keep the wood healthy and safeguarded.

If you have any other questions on how to treat your windows or how to fix old wooden windows, please contact Harrington & Co. today, (801) 972-3131.