Do you love Milgard windows as much as we do? Milgard has so many beautiful options, that it makes it hard to choose windows for your home.

How can you choose windows for your home that are the perfect fit?

Milgard has created a guide for people like you to help the choosing process, not so difficult. (Thank you Milgard!)

Here are the 6 things they say to consider,

#1. Location

  • It’s important to think about where you want to install your windows in your home.
  • Is it going over your kitchen sink?
  • Maybe you’re looking for something in your dining room to bring in a lot of natural light?
  • Think about what furniture or other furnishings you might put in front of a window or patio door inside your house.

#2. Safety and Security

  • Not only do windows improve the house’s appearance, but they also can help keep your family protected.
  • Think about how horizontal sliders are an excellent way to achieve ventilation and permit-required access in window wells.
  • Or if you have walkways around your home, you may want to consider windows that don’t open out into the path.

#3. Easy

Operating your windows should be a breeze. Make sure everyone in the home can easily open and close
your new windows.

#4. Style

Your new windows will be the first thing anyone notices on your house. No pressure, but make sure to…Make a statement!

#5. Face Value

  • Generally, windows in the front of a house should complement the style of the home. Most people like to go with a more traditional and symmetrical window.
  • This is important in neighborhoods where existing homes set a general style, or where the appearance is mandated by code.

#6. Options

  • Other than local building codes for bedrooms, there is no specific requirement for how much glass you can have in any room.
  • Choose a window that provides enough light for the room, while allowing for wall space to handle furniture or cabinets.

You can learn about how to choose windows for your home on Milgard’s website here. 

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