For maintaining your aesthetics and security of your home, your home’s siding plays a vital role. It is only with a perfect siding that you can protect your home against snow, rain, ice and hail.

It’s important to find a siding that will provide your home a collective feel and look, while tying various decorative elements together. Whenever your siding starts crumbling, fading or flaking, you know that it’s time you get in touch with a contractor and replace it as soon as you can….. but since there are several siding materials on the market, it’s hard to decide which one to choose?

While wood siding looks natural, it requires daily maintenance.

Stone and brick create a good formal appearance, but they can run your wallet dry.

So, why not choose vinyl siding?

In fact, vinyl siding is one of the most famous materials that are chosen for siding in Canada and many other places.

Why choose Variform vinyl siding?

Like many other homeowners, you too must have decided that vinyl siding is the perfect exterior option for your home. You may be probably facing a little issue deciding the brand which provides you the best products, and you may be left wondering where the actual difference lies. Well, everything comes down to building material with confidence and Variform vinyl siding is entirely on confidence.

For many years now, the top builders of the nation and remodelers have all installed Variform vinyl siding throughout the country. Now you must be thinking why they have all chosen Variform when there are so many other choices in the nation.

Designed for satisfied homeowners Variform vinyl siding can boast about earning the largest numbers of satisfied homeowners in the entire industry. Whenever a contractor or builder installs Variform, their clients tend to be extremely satiated with the consequences. Happy clients will depict a healthy and successful business.

What are the features which make Variform so popular?

#1. Reliable and proven to offer good performance

The panels from Variform have adequate engineered geometry which means that they are designed in such a way that it is tough from both inside and out. They are panels which stay tight and straight and also look good on the sides of your home, no matter what. Their performance is verified and tested by VSI which is an independent testing organization.

#2. Has the capacity of withstanding different elements

Variform siding has been engineered in such a manner that it gets attached tightly to your home and stays in the same way even during adverse situations like heavy rainfall or high winds. Vinyl siding is also extremely durable with colors that are sure to look great even when they’re exposed to scorching heat or freezing cold.

#3. Installation can be done in an error-free process

No matter how good vinyl sidings are engineered, if they are not installed in a proper manner, they won’t look good. Variform products are designed with error-free and easy installation in mind. It is indeed a fundamental of a great job that functions as promised.

#4. Guaranteed by a company which can be trusted

Variform is synonymous with credibility in vinyl siding since the year 1964. Currently, Variform is a member of the Ply Gem group of exterior brands and it has got a legacy of confidence attached to them.

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