Where Vinyl Siding began at Harrington & Co.

Several years ago, we decided to switch our vinyl siding to Variform. It was the best decision that we could have made.

Here are the reasons why.

#1. Variform: Build with confidence

Perhaps, like more and more homeowners, you’ve decided that vinyl siding is the right exterior cladding choice for your home. And, perhaps, you’re having a little trouble deciding just which brand offers the best products for you, and wondering what the real difference is?

It all comes down to building with confidence – and Variform vinyl siding is all about confidence.

For years, the nation’s top builders and remodelers have confidentially installed Variform vinyl siding on homes across the country.

The question is why, when there are so many choices on the market, have they chosen Variform?

#2. Engineered for happy homeowners

Variform vinyl siding has earned one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry.

When a builder or contractor installs Variform, their homeowners are happy with the result. And happy homeowners mean a healthy business.

But where do those high marks come from?

#3. Proven, reliable performance

Variform panels are rich with engineered geometry, a term that means they’re designed from the inside out to be tough, stay straight and tight, and look good on your home no matter what.

The reliable performance is tested and verified by VSI, the industry’s independent testing organization.

#4. Engineered to withstand the elements

Variform siding is designed to fasten tightly to your home, and stay that way during high winds and rain. It’s also incredibly durable, with colors warranted to look great even in incredible heat, harsh sun and freezing cold.

#5. Developed for error-free installation

No matter how superbly engineered siding is, if it’s not properly installed, it won’t perform well or look good. Variform products are designed with easy, error-free installation in mind.

It’s the key to a great looking job that performs as promised.

#6. Designed as a coordinated collection

Variform vinyl siding is available in a huge variety of styles to match virtually any home style, with profiles from wide to narrow, shakes to scallops; and finishes from realistic wood to rough-hewn cedar.

A huge palette of colors makes it hard to choose, but easy to fall in love, whether you lean toward neutrals, mid-range tones or deep, rich hues.

To stay current with changing trends, color selections are frequently updated to reflect the latest styles in exterior design. Complete the look with Variform’s vast assortment of accessories in matching colors.

From door mantles to gables and gutters, Variform offers the easy way to completely wrap your home in a custom-designed, virtually maintenance-free finish.

#7. Backed by a company you can trust

The Variform brand has been synonymous with confidence in vinyl siding since 1964.

Since then, Ply Gem has innovated a number of finishes and techniques, including enhanced locking systems, variegated color technology and more.

Today, as a member of the Ply Gem group of exterior product brands, Variform continues its legacy of confidence.

When you purchase Variform products and accessories, you can buy with confidence knowing your investment is backed by one of the best warranties in the industry, from a company you can trust.

#8. Sold by a company you can trust

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