Harrington & Co. offers a wide variety of vinyl siding products, with everything from wood shakes to clapboards, down to vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding takes the form of much more than the horizontal slats most homeowners think of when they think of vinyl siding. At Harrington & Co. we carry a bunch of different brands, but today we are talking about our Ply gem series and what styles they offer.

We’ve outlined the most popular siding styles so that you know all of your options when choosing siding for your home.

#1. Horizontal Lap Siding

The more popular cladding for homes, horizontal (or traditional) lap siding boasts a classic look with so many ways to customize through textures, shadow lines and siding colors. Personalize your home with a selection of wood grain textures that will amp up your home’s curb appeal.

#2. Vertical Siding

Available to accompany a wide variety of design styles, vertical siding by Ply Gem comes in many different profiles and dimensions to accommodate any unique exterior features your home may have. Use it as an accent element or outfit your entire home.

#3. Insulated Siding

The ultimate choice when looking for exceptional energy efficiency, insulated siding is tough and boasts natural beauty. Insulated siding is the way to go for homeowners looking for superior sustainability.

#4. Shakes & Shingles

A style that’s been incorporated on home exteriors throughout America’s history, vinyl shakes and shingles have an authentic appearance, yet lack the maintenance that comes with having real wood (like wood rot). This quality construction protects you and your family from unwanted moisture, no matter the season.

#5. Wood vs. Vinyl Siding

Why choose vinyl siding over wood siding?

Not only is vinyl siding stylish and durable, but it’s also low-maintenance. There is hardly any maintenance at all! Plus, you don’t need to re-paint vinyl siding, and it’s resistant to denting and scratching.

Want to know more about siding styles?

Head over to Ply gem’s website and check out all of their different styles here, or call Harrington & Company today, (801) 972-3131 to discuss why vinyl siding from Ply gem might be the perfect fit for you.