Looking for the perfect exterior siding in Salt Lake City, Utah for your home?

Stop looking, Harrington and Company has the best selection of siding for any of your home or construction projects.


We have a wide variety and selection of siding, including our premier Variform vinyl siding. Variform has earned one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry which is no question why we would to carry it in our stores.

Maybe you’ve decided that vinyl siding is the perfect touch to your home?

Maybe you are even going back and forth between which brands working just right for you?

For Variform, what it all comes down to is confidence and that’s exactly what variform stands for:



For years, top builders across the country have confidently installed Variform vinyl siding on hundreds of thousands of homes.

With all of these premiere choices on the market, why Variform?

Why Variform? Because Variform is,

  • Engineered for happy homeowners
  • Proven reliable performance
  • Engineered to withstand elements
  • Developed for error-free installation
  • Designed as a coordinated collection
  • Backed by a company you can trust!


This is why Harrington & Company is always asking, “Why NOT Variform?”

At Harrington & Co. We carry Variform vinyl siding because it really is that good. We have confidence in their products and have confidence selling Variform products to our customers.

We help each of our customers choose the perfect siding with the quality and budget that they are looking for, and are there for them every step of the way.

You will be happy and satisfied with your Variform Vinyl siding for years to come. Stop by one of our 5 locations today in,

Salt Lake City
Rock Springs, WY
Idaho Falls, ID

Stop by or call us today, (801) 972-3131 and let us help you with your exterior siding in Salt Lake City, or in any of our 5 other locations. Visit our website, www.harringtonco.com