Believe it or not, there are a lot of great benefits when you choose vinyl siding as an option for your home.

Not only is vinyl siding currently popular and looks great, but when you choose vinyl siding, it’s easy on the budget and extremely protective for your home making it a solid player in your home building and renovation projects.

You might be asking yourself, “Should I really be considering vinyl siding for my home?”

Let us help you validate that question with these 6 benefits of vinyl siding.

1.) Lowers the cost of heating and cooling

How does this work?

While most homes have insulation between wall studs, the studs themselves bleed heat where they come in contact with exterior siding.

This is why vinyl siding is known to be the, “thermal bridging” between wall studs in exterior walls.

Vinyl siding acts as an insulated blanket keeping your home warmer during the cold months and cooler through the hot summer months.

Insulated vinyl siding could make you eligible for energy tax credits, which can make your vinyl siding installation costs lower than normal.

2.) Durability

Bad weather? No problem. Vinyl siding was created to withstand harsh weather conditions like hail, heavy wind, storms, etc.

Vinyl siding also was built to resist excessive moisture so that it will never rot or corrode over the years.

Most vinyl siding comes with a lifetime warranty.

3.) Affordability

Generally speaking, vinyl siding has always been a popular choice for homeowners because it is extremely affordable.

According to CostHelper, professionally installed vinyl siding can cost you between $2,500-$8,750 for 1,250 square feet, while professionally installed wood siding can cost you $6,500-$10,000 for the same square footage. If you’re interested in installing vinyl siding yourself, it can significantly cut your costs to $1,000-$1,250 for every 1,250 square feet.

5.) Home value & Maintenance free

A home that is wrapped in seamless siding can be worth more, and sell more quickly, when compared to a home with an older brick or style of siding.

You will never have to re-paint your vinyl siding. Once installed, you are ready to go for years and years to come. Make sure to keep your vinyl siding looking brand new with annual simply cleanings.

6.) Aesthetically pleasing & Versatile

Vinyl siding was created in consideration for time, making sure to leave your house with a brilliant color and minimal maintenance in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.

If you’re more interested in a cedar, woodsy feel, there are vinyl siding options out there for you! Victorian, scallops, farmhouse, southern country… etc.

You name it, there is a vinyl siding option for you!

There are so many varieties to choose from that we promise you will be satisfied with whatever type of vinyl siding you choose.

Siding brings the finishing touch to your home or business. It even has the potential to drastically affect the value of your property. Choosing an attractive and durable siding material for your building should be considered carefully.

At Harrington & Company we have a wide variety of siding products, with everything from wood shakes to clapboards and vinyl siding.

We can help advise you on installation time, maintenance, and more in order to help you decide what siding material and products are right for you.

Learn more about our vinyl siding options at Harrington & Co. here and choose vinyl siding!

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Make your vision of your dream home come to life when you choose vinyl siding.

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