The Best Tips for Roofing Supplies in Utah

If you’ve made repairs to your roof or mended something that badly needed attention, it’s common to come across overwhelming situations.

You might have to fix an irritating leak, alter the shingles or repair portions of the roof in order to install a new one.

Roofing problems always happen and if you have to contact a roofing expert in your area it sometimes might be the best solution.

BUT, before you call the professionals, we have created a roofing guide with roofing tips to help you and your roofing supplies in Utah. 

Do you know the different shapes of a roof?

We are aware of the fact that every roof is different and the shape of a roof will have a relation with its functionality.

Here are few common shapes:

  • Gable roof: This kind looks like an inverted V but this is not ideal for the places where there is high wind
  • Mansard roof: This is a steeper roof which turns into a flat roof at the higher point
  • Hip roof: This kind of roof rises by inclined planes to form hips and it is a complicated rafter and truss structure
  • Shed roofs: There is a single sloping plane with shed roofs and they have no ridges, hips, and valleys

If you are in the stage of designing your own home, make sure you select the roof type which best suits the characteristics and needs of your home.

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Roofing supplies in Utah Checklist

Your roofing contractor may already have given you a budget. Irrespective of how you buy them, it is important to know the costs and benefits of roofing materials before you buy them.

Here are few tips to know:

  • Asphalt shingles: They are the ones which fit in with any roof type and they last for 15-30 years. Their cost varies between $50 and $150 per square. They are the most common type of supplies used for roofing.
  • Metal: This is yet another worthy option while selecting the roofing supply for the new roof of your house. They are extremely durable and last for more than 50 years. They are energy-efficient too.
  • Wood shingles: They’re best for cottages, ranches, and bungalows. They last for 30 to 50 years depending on how you maintain it. The cost of this kind of material is $100 to $165 per square and they’re pleasing in an aesthetic manner.
  • Fiber cement: This costs around $100 to $165 per square and it is the best fit for architectural style roofing and lasts for 30 years. Fiber cement is fire resistant; it is recyclable and lighter than the traditional concrete.

Learn these tips and you’ll be prepared with your roofing supplies in Utah for any project.