Why is it so important to purchase quality roofing materials that you can trust?

Even small roofing issues, if not fixed properly or taken care of immediately, can lead to big problems down the road. Why not invest in quality roofing material that will do the job and keep your roof long lasting.

A couple things to look at when purchasing roofing materials:

  • Does the roofing brand provide high quality, high-end appearance?
  • Do roofing brands provide limited warranties?
  • How much is the cost per unit?

Purchasing a new roof can get pricey. Make sure that before purchasing shingles, you actually need new shingles.

On a clear sunny day, grab your binoculars and carefully examine your roof. Go grab your ladder and take a closer look and inspect your roof. Look for any signs of warping, cracking, or curling on your shingles.

If you see any signs of long-term damage, then you should be concerned. Consider hiring a roofing expert, like Harrington and Company, to inspect your roof to see what the actual damage might be. Any sign of water damage is never a good sign for your roof or bank account.

If you do need roofing repairs and replacements, we have a whole line of roofing brands to suit your needs and keep your roof looking fresh.

  • Here are some brands we carry:
  • ACH Foam Technologies
  • Arrow Enterprises
  • Atlas Roofing
  • Certainteed
  • Dibiten USA
  • Eterna Bond
  • Fabral
  • Fall Creek FOrest
  • FIrestone Building
  • Foreland Refining
  • Gaf-Everguard
  • Gaf Roofing
  • Geneflow
  • Glasteel
  • Hanes Components
  • Hanson
  • Inland Coatings
  • Permaglass
  • Tamko Roofing
  • Versico

And so many more, the list goes on and on.

With a variety of roofing supplies, we promise to keep your home or business protected with a quality roof that will last for many years to come, guaranteed.

Call us today and get a quote on your roofing materials. With locations in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, we promise to carry what you need.

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