Are you aware that as a homeowner your roof plays a vital role in the total amount of heat loss from your home?

Insulating your slate roof is one of the most lucrative investments that you could do when you’re planning to improve the efficiency of your home.

Reports reveal that roof and ceiling insulation is one of the best decisions that a homeowner can make. In the majority of the homes, 50-70% of the energy expenses rise from cooling and heating. If there is inadequate insulation, this will not only waste energy but will also waste money.

After knowing the necessities of insulating the roof and ceiling, the majority will measure the benefits against the cost. Read on to learn more about insulation of your roof and ceiling.

What you should know about roofing and insulation 

If you choose to insulate a pitched roof, what’s your best choice?

You can either go for warm insulation or cold insulation.

What are the differences between the two?

  • Cold insulation is probably the cheapest as long as roof insulation is concerned. This is positioned over and between the wooden joists, on top of the ceiling of the top floor of a home. As a DIY project, cold insulation is considerably easy but this only prevents the heat from escaping the home.
  • Warm insulation is placed directly under the roof. Once you do this, it diminishes the occurrence of heat loss and your home will neither become too hot during summer nor get too cold during winter. However, keep in mind there is enough ventilation just below the slate roof so that there are no chances of condensation.

Why should you opt for roof insulation?

Being a homeowner, only knowing the costs of insulation and how to do it is not enough for you. You also need to know the reasons for insulating your roof and how roof insulation will help your home.

Check out the few reasons to go for roof insulation below:

#1. Saves energy costs

When you insulate your roof in an effective manner, you will undoubtedly save money and energy. Roof insulation can let you retain the heat or even the cold whenever you need to do so. Although the statistics may vary but there are homeowners who have reported saving up to 20% after they insulated their roofs.

#2. Prevention for the long run

In the event of improper insulation of your roof, the heat that rises can melt the snow on the roof and this can later on lead to ice dams. Now if there are ice dams on your roof, there will be a constant moisture that will enter your room and this causes persistent harm to your home in general, not to mention the harm that it causes to the roof. Hence, insulation will help you eliminate such problems.

#3. Sustainable option

Insulating your roof is undoubtedly one of the most vital projects for saving energy and money and you can look forward to this if you’re expecting a home improvement. But as you will be saving energy after this, you are also directly helping in reducing pollution. Hence, reducing the total amount of energy can have a huge impact on the environment.

We know that conserved energy is money saved. However the amount of energy that you can save will entirely rely on your home’s size, the climate and the efficiency of the cooling and heating units. Take into account the above mentioned reasons for insulating your roof.

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