Think twice before you run to the roofing supply store, you might want to read along about how to build a quality roof. We want to make sure that you invest in a quality roof that will last you years to come.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 tips that we believe will be the biggest aid in building your new and improved roof.

1. Look Ahead to the future

When considering a new roof the most important factors to take into consideration are, longevity and proven performance.

Finding a roof that has had a long lasting good standing reputation that provides long-term durability and worry-free performance.

2. Decent Warranty

At Harrington and Company, we promise to provide you with the best warranties guaranteed. It’s important that you get the quality coverage that you need.

A true quality roofing product will offer warranties that can be as comprehensive or basic as your building requires including warranties that cover damages, hail or wind.

3. Prefabrication

What does that mean?

Did you know that the majority of rooftop leaks happen at the field seams?

By using a prefabricated roofing system, it will eliminate labor at these critical areas.

By investing in a good roof that completes as much of the work in a factory-controlled environment before it gets to the job site eliminates many of the errors that can happen during the installation process.

4. Sustainability

Energy savings is huge when it comes to roofing. Did you know that white roofs are known to be highly reflective, which results in your electric bill to be a lot lower than normally.

By using a cool white roof, it can result in an average savings of $1,000/per year in most climates.

5. Support

Its important to purchase a roof through a company that will care and be there for you 100% of the way.

That’s why we believe that Harrington and Company is your local roofing supply that will provide that for you.

We’ve been in business for many years and kept our customers coming back for more. We choose to treat you like family, while providing you with only the best quality roof products.

We promise to serve you! Stop by one of our 5 locations today:

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We will take care of you by giving you the quality roof that you deserve. Call us today, (801) 972-3131, or visit our website for hours and location directions,