Tamko Roofing was established in the year 1944 and since then, they have given us a story of innovation, long-lasting customer relationships and good quality products.

Although many things have changed since their inception, one thing that still remains the same, is their sheer commitment towards progress.

Through the consecutive seven decades of success, there is nothing but the result of good relationships with customers, their teamwork and the commitment throughout the company to keep improving.

Add New Tamko Roofing to Your Home

Tamko Roofing is one of the largest manufacturers of roofing in the nation and they’re committed to designing innovative and beautiful products which help homeowners to design their dream roofs.

Roofing adds a different look to your old home and….. If you can choose the right roof for your home, you can all of a sudden add a glamorous feel to your house.

Read on to know how you can accomplish an amazing roof with Tamko Roofing.

Add Curb Appeal with a Newly Designed Roof

Majority of the homeowners never give a second glance to their roofs as they always tend to take a close look at their indoors, the walls, the flooring, the backyard and the outdoor of the house. Little do they pay attention to the roofs and they tend to forget the fact that a roof is a vital item for enhancing curb appeal which buyers usually notice.

When you go to select a color and shingle style, it is vital to choose a specific design which can compliment the beauty and style of the home. Irrespective of whether you have a modern mansion or a rustic farmhouse, Tamko Roofing can help you with the roof that you like.

Bringing Contrast and Texture to Your Roof

Tamko Roofing is famous for creating beautiful shingle colors by mixing different pigments, materials and granules.

The Tamko Laminated Asphalt Shingles comprises of an exceptional mix of granules, unique drops of color and a shadow-tone which comes together to create the vibrant blends of color. The granule mix and unique drops of color intensify the tonality and texture of the roof and adds a new look to your roof. When you choose the perfect shingle color, this can complement the style of your home and heighten the curb appeal.

Choosing Colors that Captivate the Eyes

Wouldn’t you want to choose a roof color that compliments the remaining portion of your house?

Wouldn’t you wish to increase the resale value of your home by boosting the look of your home?

In case the other homes around your neighborhood display the coordinating trends, abiding by the same color palette will help you in boosting the value of your home. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for earthy green, shadowy grey or woodsy brown color to suit the style, Tamko Roofing will definitely have the best color for you.

While making a selection of colors, it’s vital to make sure that the brick or the roof of the siding of the home should be in tandem with each other. A nice color palette will contribute to a clean and beautiful look for the exterior of the home and will create a welcome for both the prospective buyers and the guests.

Creating your dream roof with Tamko is possible due to their ever-striving team, to let customers meet their demands and requirements.

You can create authentic and innovative building products and Tamko also works in accordance with suppliers, marketers, builders, contractors and architects to deliver the best accessories throughout the nation.