Harrington & Company is the Intermountain area’s distributor for Atlas Roofing.

Although not a very well known brand around here, Atlas is the biggest seller of roofing shingles in the Eastern United States. It is sold by many distributors, roofing companies, and Menards (among other retailers).

Some of the advantages of Atlas Roofing are:

1. Because of the larger size of the individual shingles, it takes less time to install.
2. You use a lot less nails, saving money.
3. They offer a real fun design center – https://www.atlasroofing.com/roof-inspiration
4. They are backed up with a lifetime warranty!

Use our roofing products to build the best roof

We offer a wide selection of reliable products to meet your needs. Trust our materials as you efficiently complete each roof. We guarantee our products will result in long-lasting, strong structures you can be proud of.

Have all the tools you need with our roofing supplies

Even if you have the right products to build a roof, you still need durable roofing supplies.These tools make it possible for you to safely and effectively install the products onto the roof. With the proper supplies, the installation process becomes easier so you save time.

As a homeowner or roofing contractor, you know how important a roof is to a home. The roof protects a home’s residents and interior from the elements. It also provides a feeling of safety. With these materials, you can forge a roof that will impress your customers.

We are proud to be the source in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada for Atlas roofing, another high quality line that you can find a Harrington & Co.

Feel free to visit any of our five locations to see samples of Atlas roofing. Call us today, (801) 972-3131.