Did you know that Harrington and Company is so awesome that they have five different locations from Richfield, Utah to Rock Springs, Wyoming?

Harrington and Company has three locations in Utah, one in Idaho, and one in Wyoming, but today we’re talking all about Harrington and Company Richfield.

In fact, Harrington and Company’s Richfield location has been around for such a long time that it has been recognized by the name, “Richfield Block”. Its rich in history and here is a little bit of backstory to Richfield Block and how it’s been passed down from generation to generation.

The name Richfield Block came about because Harrington’s Richfield location is known for their block plant and concrete products.

Harrington and Company Richfield Block Plant has been around since 1946 under the name of H & S Concrete Products.

In 1976 Don Hill and Jim Forsey purchased the block plant and that is when it became as what we know today, Richfield Block.

In 2007 Don Hill sold his piece of the business to Wynn Westmoreland and it then became, Endura Richfield Block.

In 2009 Lynn Kitchen took possession of the plant which then turned into Richfield KF Block.

And then finally in 2015, Harrington and Company purchased the plant and it became officially Harrington and Company Richfield Block.

There are only a total of 10 employees that work at the Richfield Block and store manager, Gloria has been managing the store for over 11 years.

Here’s what Gloria had to say about why she loves Harrington and Company,

“When Harrington purchased the black plant, they have made a lot of needed improvements and they are a great company to work for.”

The Richfield Block is a wholesaler exactly like the Salt Lake City location, the only difference is that they also manufacture block as well.










Their best selling products are:

  • Rockwood Landscape Block
  • Roofing Supplies
  • 8x8x16 2 Core

Richfield Block is open Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m. and they offer deliveries to all of their customers.

Harrington and Company Richfield Block is awesome to shop at because they are a one-stop-shop with a great variety of products that you’re looking for to choose from.

Right now they are holding their 4th annual January Winterfest, January 26th and they are also getting ready for their big Dealer Show February 12th & 13th.

If you live in the Richfield, Utah location make sure you stop by Harrington and Company Richfield block. Give us a call today, 435.896.4071 or visit our website for directions to our store, www.harringtonco.com