Backyards have much more garden potential than you would think. Whether it is a narrow, long space behind an old house, a backyard that lacks privacy, or a garden in disrepair, the design possibilities for both small and big gardens are endless.

Don’t leave out that little space that you have behind your house, because with the right design, it could be an incredible garden.

Garden designs are becoming increasingly important, and there are many tips and styles that can be applied today to get true wonders in which to spend your leisure time. Many people dream of having a large garden, but the truth is that you can also get very good results in a small garden if you are able to design and organize it well.

Tips for an amazing garden

The big advantage of gardens is that they can be very welcoming. This is something that will be achieved much easier with these tips for an amazing garden. The hard part is that designing your garden can be a challenge since we need to take up all the possible space without spoiling the vision of the entire garden.

Are you ready to learn how to design your garden, achieving an attractive plant scene, and even provoke the envy of your neighbors?

1. Take advantage of all the spaces

There are those who are lucky enough to have space in front of or behind the house, with plenty of room to build a garden.

Wondering what the point of having your own garden is? There are many benefits, one of which lies in the welfare it will provide.

Your garden area can become your new relaxation area, the space to breathe fresh air and be in contact with nature, and perhaps the motivator to take better care of our planet.

2. What elements do you want to include in your garden?

Roads, lights, garden play, fountain, fences, torches, pots, awnings, rocking chairs, planters, storage houses? In short, there are many items available to decorate your garden through Harrington and Company.

3. Check the terrain of your back yard

The natural orography of the terrain guides on how to distribute the elements. For example, if there is an elevated area, it can be used to place a terrace-gazebo. If there is an esplanade, for living or play area; a hollow maybe for a pond; etc.

The observation of the relief will give us a lot of ideas about the most convenient design.

One fundamental thing is to give the terrain the proper slopes to drive the runoff water from the rain to where we are interested because a slope towards the house would flood it in rainy seasons.

It is quite common to have to buy topsoil to fill areas of the garden where it is missing.

4. Use gravels

If you have doubts about whether to use gravel for your garden or not, be it for a path, a walkway or a flower bed, we recommend taking into account the advantages of gravel.

  • Gravel is easy to install and maintain. It is only necessary to clean the weeds of the area that you want to cover with the stones and to level the land a little, or at all according to the finish you want.
  • The result is better if we put an anti-weed mesh and stabilizers of gravel and stone, which prevents the herbs from growing between the stones and occupying the road, but it is not difficult to place nor is it obligatory for it to be well arranged.
  • It has great decorative potential, so it will help you to create your own totally personalized space and thus it will be very easy to decorate your garden.
  • It helps to optimize the humidity of the garden and to regulate the temperature of the ground, for what it protects the land

5. Install a garden swing

Modern or classic style, the garden swing can be made of metal or wood. Your seating size can vary from one person to three people.

Some models have side curtains to protect you from the wind or the direct sun when you are using it.

6. Garden shed

The garden shed is practical for storing tools, machinery and everything you do not use during the winter, such as furniture, parasol or brush cutters. You must choose your garden shed well to maintain the aesthetics of the space.

As for the materials, the garden sheds can be made of wood, resin or steel and of different styles: English,
rustic, contemporary, etc.

7. Outdoor wooden floor

A beautiful outdoor wooden floor can be made of tiles or wooden slats.

The choice of slats is essential. There is composite, solid or laminated wood, treated in the autoclave for the exterior, etc. and must respond to aesthetic and practical criteria.

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