We would like to introduce you to Harrington & Company’s superman, and Operations Manager, Jeff Fowden.

Besides overseeing the day to day physical operation of our company, Jeff (aka. Harrington & Company’s superman) also is involved in purchasing, marketing, and sales.

He comes in early in the morning, and sometimes stays late in the afternoon. He is full of energy and drive, and is a pleasure to work with.

Jeff has an incredible background in our business markets. He spent 17 years with Anderson Lumber, which was an intermountain power house before it was sold to Stock Building Supply (which has subsequently been sold to BMC).

Having been the Manager of the Draper store, Jeff became familiar with all aspects of the business. He ran a tight ship and the Draper store was the model of success.

Jeff has an incredible eye for displaying merchandise and is more than happy to share with our customers.

After Anderson Lumber was sold to Stock, they decided to change the approach of their marketing to a more contractor oriented business, thus closing the Draper store. Jeff took a job with Stanley/Bostitch and was the western states rep for 12 years.

Working with Jeff, Harrington became a successful Bostitch distributor, and many of our customers followed suit. Jeff supported shows, markets, contractor events, and traveled all across the USA on behalf of Stanley. In this 12 year stint, he became an expert in power tools, both electric and pneumatic, and taught Harrington how to be the place for Stanley tapes, knifes, and blades.

Stanley decided to change directions and out of the blue let a number of their sales team go, including Jeff. Their loss was our gain! Jeff has been with us now for 5 years, and he has been instrumental in changing our dispatch, shipping and receiving, hardware, and yard operations.

He oversees the Pro Sales division, and is directly involved in our expanding fencing department.

Here’s a bit of Jeff trivia for you…once upon a time, while living
in the L.A. area, Jeff worked as a mortician (that’s right, an undertaker)!

We are thankful and happy to have Jeff on our management team! He is Harrington & Company’s superman and we don’t know what we would do without him.