About six years ago, I was invited to attend the “World of Concrete” show in Las Vegas. I decided to go, and I was totally astounded at the massive displays, concrete pouring tubes and bases, and the entire breadth of products. The entire central building was full of huge trucks with pumpers on them that spanned hundreds of yards. It was quite impressive.

As I was pursuing the show I ran into a huge castle, built out of Sonotubes. I knew that these were popular in the market so I went in and started talking to the reps. I decided to take a chance and buy a truckload, hoping that we would be competitive, and be able to handle them.

The word got out and we slowly started moving the tubes. I was excited when I ordered my second truckload, then a third, and a fourth, all in shorter time periods. Now I order a truckload almost weekly!

A couple years into the process, I was approached by Newark paper. They had a plant in Denver with lower pricing, and quicker delivery times, so I jumped on board their train. Last year, Newark was purchased by Caraustar Corp, and that is the brand that we currently stock. We have been very happy with the performance of these tubes.


During this time, we also have stocked Bigfoot bases. They are a great company that makes the best concrete pouring tubes and bases on the market!

We currently stock tubes in 4’, 10’, and 12’ lengths. We can get just about any length that you need. We have tubes from 6” to 36” in diameter. We can fill your needs, and we can save you money. These tubes are available at all our branches, although some may have to be ordered in from our Salt Lake warehouse. If you pour concrete in the mountain west, Harrington & Co. can deliver the tubes and bases to you!

Call us for more information today, (801) 972-3131.