It can be very challenging to balance a construction work-life balance for you and your crew, especially if deadlines run high in your business.

Having that construction work-life balance is essential because it helps your crew members to be highly productive, happy and healthy. The contractors also get an opportunity to retain crews more efficiently. As a matter of fact, according to a study, it shows that crews in construction work for 60 hours per week are always 24% lower in productivity. This is in comparison to other crews that work fewer hours per week.

Here is a list of construction work-life balance tips from Harrington & Co. for you and your crew: 

#1. Time Management

As contractors manage their crews, they feel as if they have to do everything perfectly, in order for every job to become profitable. It’s important to consider the purpose of your business and stay well ahead with the target of your priorities.

Do you offer services that are not profitable or rather just time-consuming more than your worth?

You should cut off those services to save your time so that your crew focuses on jobs which are essential to the success of your business.

When each job commences, you have to create plans so that work is finished proficiently after your crew is focused and time was well managed. Make a timeline of the milestones and workflow of the project, so that your team is on schedule and organized. You have to place your timeline in prominent places. Then make sure to distribute both electronic and hard copies to team members, making everything easily accessible for everyone.

#2. You should know when you have to lean on your crew

You always can’t finish all customer project requests even though you’re managing time well. So if you’re requested to do a job that is pressuring you, ask another reliable contractor to do the work in high standard just like you would have done. Additionally, when you free your crew’s time, it will prove to the homeowner that caring for the completion of their project is your priority.  It builds relationships with other place contractors who can be beneficial to your business.

#3. Be open & respect your needs and others’ boundaries.

Your time is going to be well utilized if you only know how and where you have to focus your energy on. You have to identify what it is it that matters as well as what benchmarks are achievement signifiers. Communicate to have everyone comprehend these needs. You also have to work in unison with your team so that these needs are met. If this is made a reciprocal process, then you can respect others’ boundaries and aid them in meeting their needs.

#4. Hit a stride

Those that are enjoying dynamic careers which aren’t burnout know very well that the trick is space. Self-awareness should be a tool which assists you in feeling when things have to be taken up in notches and when to downshift. Pace yourself every day then you’ll be present when interacting with others while enjoying life to the fullest.