Have you ever wondered how vinyl fencing is created?

If there can be any perfect alternative to wooden fencing, it is definitely vinyl fencing.

Vinyl fencing is a plastic-based fencing as an alternative to chain-link or wooden fences. By choosing vinyl fencing, there are multiple benefits but before you make the decision to go ahead and install your fence, you should know how it is made.

Vinyl fencing is created from PVC which is a kind of plastic. Read on to learn about the process the fencing goes through.

Mono Extrusion

Mono extrusion is a detailing process which needs all the UV inhibitors, additives, and coloration used to be blended and mixed completely.

This makes sure that the vinyl is resilient and strong and that the vinyl is distributed evenly all over the material.

CO Extrusion

CO extrusion is nothing but an in-depth process and this procedure doesn’t need the same amount of blending and mixing which is needed in mono extrusion.

On top of that, it places the inhibitors and additives to the outer layers of the PVC. The protection and strength can be increased through CO extrusion.

The million dollar question is whether or not the former is better than the latter option as long as vinyl fencing is created?

In reality, neither has got any real benefit over the other. Both the methods lead to the creation of durable and strong vinyl material that stands the test of time.

Avoid Any Kind of Confusion

Whenever you start researching about vinyl fencing, you will come across companies which claim either CO extrusion or mono extrusion as the better alternative.

If you want to go with the experienced version, mono extrusion is the older among the two and there are too many companies which consider this as the selling. Either method will help you make a beautiful and durable vinyl fence.


Based on your personal preferences along with the cost of installation, make an informed decision while buying vinyl fencing.

Vinyl Fences are engineered to retain their beauty and good looks throughout their lifetime. Let Harrington & Co. help you with your vinyl fencing.