Looking for fencing supplies?

Look no more. Harrington and Company is top rated for their fencing supplies and only carries the best brands.

Our three main fencing vendors are,

  1. PlyGem
  2. Homeland
  3. Fortress Fencing

PlyGem and Homeland specialize in vinyl fencing and Fortress fencing is a high end iron fencing vendor.

Why do we choose these vendors? Because they are reliable, quality and worth every penny.

We enjoy working with these vendors because they all have great warranties on fencing and are top rated in the fencing industry.

PlyGem has been around for nearly 70 years and is a top leader in exterior building products. They make it possible for residential builders, remodelers and architects to design, build and update beautiful, low-maintenance and energy-efficient homes.

What makes Homeland fencing products awesome, is that they are proudly manufactured in the United States at the highest quality standards. Their main plants are located in,

  • Birmingham, AL
  • Millvile, NJ
  • Surgoinsville, TN
  • Ogden, UT

Fortress fencing began in October 2001, built in Durhan, NC. They are deep rooted in their strong warranty and sturdiest fence. They are known for their excellent customer service, and quality fences that speak for themselves.

What kind of a fence are you looking for?

Our top selling fences are,

  1. Full Privacy
  2. Semi Privacy
  3. Ranch Rail
  4. Porch Railing

Full Privacy Fence

Semi Privacy Fence

Ranch Rail Fence

Porch Railing

All of our fences are great for so many different reasons and we have a wide variety for you to choose from.

Stop by one of our 5 locations today and we will help you find your top rated fencing supplies. Call us today for a quote, (801) 972-3131. www.harringtonco.com